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To answer your questions

General terms and conditions

Weather seems a bit complicated to handle (snow, rain). Will my lesson be taking place?
YES! Your instructor will be waiting for you at the meeting point. Be sure to come with a ski mask as to have a better visibility and to wear appropriate clothing. There will be no refund or adjournment of lessons. See general terms and conditions.

Will there be snow during my stay?
Normally, yes. The ski resort is equipped with snow guns and ESF Les Rousses makes sure that every lesson happens.

Is the equipment for the skier or the hiker provided?
NO. We ask you to come with your equipment (skis, ski poles and ski shoes) or your snowshoes depending on the lesson you have chosen. You can get more information at any ski rental companies in the village. You can also book your equipment in advance!

Is it compulsory and/or free to access the slopes?
Ski passes or access badges ARE NOT INCLUDED in ESF prices.
You can book your ski pass in advance through the Les Rousses ski resort website.
For some ESF Les Rousses lessons, ski pass is not compulsory. Please refer to the Ski passes/ Equipment page.

Is the medal included?  
YES. If you have bought 5 or 6-day particular or private lessons.

What is the maximum number of children per lesson?  
There is no rule about the number of children per class. However, for children to make quick progress, ESF Les Rousses has fixed the limit to 12 children for group lessons. We very rarely go over this number, but it happens as people can have enrolled in the wrong level.

My arrival date does not fit with the beginning of group lessons. In which level do I need to enrol?
In the interests of having homogeneous levels and number of students enrolled in group lessons, we do not enroll new people from Tuesday. Depending on your availabilities, you can choose to book private lessons. 

Is ESF Les Rousses dependent on the ski resort?
The ESF and Les Rousses ski resort are partners but remain independent from one another. ESF Les Rousses does not depend on Bois d’Amont, Prémanon, Les Rousses communities, or on Saem-Sogestar company, nor on the Community of Les Rousses ski resort.
Should any problem occur with the ESF, please contact only the ESF

Bookings and payment methods

How can I book my lessons online?
FRENCH SCHOOL HOLIDAYS (please book in advance):
No group or privilege lesson bookings by phone or email! 
  • Collective and privilege lessons: online bookings: only for 5&6-day packages (weekly packages) from the beginning of French school holidays (Christmas/ New Year holidays until the end of Winter holidays). You can book up to 3 days before the first day of lessons.
  • Private lessons: online bookings: only on weekly packages (5&6-day lessons) and during French school Christmas/ New Year holidays or Winter holidays (up to 15 December for Christmas holidays and 15 January for Winter Holidays-dates are subject to change)

OFF-PEAK PERIODS (please book in advance):
  • Privilege lessons: online bookings: only for weekly packages (5&6-day lessons) and only for the off-peak period (January and beginning of February).
  • Private lessons: you can book your lessons by phone from the Thursday preceding the first day of lessons. You can choose to fully pay by credit card or to register at the ESF offices once you have arrived.
  • For appointments or groups (any period): please contact us.

If you do not book in advance, you can book directly at ESF offices upon arrival (depending on the remaining availabilities).

If I reserve but do not pay, will it still be taken into account?
NO, if you do not fully pay, we won’t be able to issue your card with your booking confirmation.  

Can I book via email?
NO, by no means.

I cannot manage to book online, what can I do?
Check that you have chosen a whole week and that your stay is not divided over two separate weeks.
Children should be 3 or more when starting the week.
If you are at work, there might be some restrictions on the company’s computer. Try again later from your personal computer.

Is it safe to book online? I don’t feel safe giving you my credit card number.
Your credit card number will be validate through a secure payment from Banque Populaire (official ESF Bank). Warranty is for you and us as well! 

What payment methods does ESF accept?
Visa, MasterCard, credit card, American Express;
Checks in euros, vacation voucher and sport coupons;

Do I need to come and collect my card of booking confirmation at ESF?
ESF Les Rousses does not deliver this card of booking when buying on site or by phone, whether it is for group or private lessons. If you have booked online, you should have received the eCard and/or an email of confirmation. You can show one of these two documents to your instructor during the first day.
If you did not come with a justification, no need to worry! Our instructors often check their student lists at the beginning of every lesson. You will be able to assist ! 

In case of accident or disease during my stay at Les Rousses, will ESF refund my lessons? 
Under certain conditions. Please check with ESF.

I will not be able to come to the resort but I have already booked and paid for my class. Can I get a refund?
Yes, under certain conditions. 

Can children and adults from the same family ski together?
NO, lessons have to be homogeneous (age & level) as to make progress. Furthermore, teaching methods for adults and children are not the same.

Meeting points

How can I access the different meeting spots at Les Rousses ski resort?
You can use free shuttles (under condition) inside the resort. You will find times and stops following this website. 

I have booked alpine skiing, snowboard, telemark lessons, what are the meeting points?

Your lessons booked online are dispensed at Massif des Tuffes, departure from Porte des Jouvencelles. Once at the car park of Jouvencelles, climb the stairs located right next to the creperie to find the slopes on the snow front next to the ESF offices.
  • Private lessons: meeting point in front of the ESF offices
  • Group lessons: once in front of ESF offices, facing the slopes, walk along the buildings on your right until the kindergarten. For Piou-Piou levels & Ourson, meeting point is at the chalet, under the kindergarten. For any other level in ski or snowboard, meeting point above the kindergarten, next to the panel with your level.

You have booked at the ESF counter
Meeting points are the same for online and on site booking, except if you have booked lessons on another mountain or another door; the exact meeting point will be given to you when booking.

I have booking nordic skiing, biathlon and snowshoe lessons, what are the meeting points?

Your nordic skiing lessons booked online are dispensed at Les Rousses village, departing from Porte de l’Orbe. Once in front of the tourism office of Les Rousses, at the center of the village, take the Route Royale. Looking the tourism office, walk 150 metres and you will find the Porte de l’Orbe on your left side on the big car park.
  • Private lessons: meeting point in front of the panel "cours particulier"
  • Group lessons: meeting point in front of the panel corresponding to your level.

Your nordic skiing lessons booked online are dispensed at the Bois d’Amont village, departing from Porte de l’Orbe. Once in front of the tourism office of Bois d’Amont, you will find meetings points right behind the building.
  • Private lessons: meeting point in front of the panel "Cours Particuliers"
  • Group lessons: meeting point in front of your level

Meeting points are the same whether you book online or directly at the office, except if you have booked a lesson on another mountain or at a different door; you will know the exact meeting point when booking.

Careful! If the snow cover is not sufficient at Les Rousses village or Bois d'Amont, meeting points can change. Should you have any doubt, we recommend you ask one of our member of staff at our points of sale. 

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